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Patient Profile N°1

Six Months:
Patient had described extreme pain after walking for up to 20 Minutes. Now patient can actually jog/run on Kangoo Jumps for 25 minutes pain-free. Patient is able to resume more active life style and as a result is “healthy” and rarely thinks about his back.

When My wife Alicia Lund told me about the Kangoo Jumps I thought that may be she would get a pair but not for me. When I tried the boots on and walked with them for a few minutes I was convinced. I bought 2 pair, one for my wife and one for me. The main reason I bought them was: October of 2000 I had Spinal surgery, I had Lumbar Decompression and Discectomy for a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus with Spinal Stenosis (Normal terms a Herniated disc L-4 & L-5).

Even now after all this time, when I walk because of the impact on the pavement my lower back hurts after about 20 minutes of walking. Since I bought the Kangoo Jumps, my wife and I go out walking and even jogging with the boots on and it has not bothered my back at all. In fact my wife timed our jogging run yesterday 5/7/03, and we both ran / jogged for 25 minutes. I could not believe it, my back did not bother me at all.

Dennis if you want medical evidence of the surgery let me know and I can fax it to you. I tell you I am a believer and I will tell everybody that asks me about the boots.

Wayne Lund - San Antonio, TX, USA

Patient Profile N°2

Week One: Surgery was successful, normally, I would have this patient on maintenance activity only, for a period of at least six(6) weeks. Because the patient will use Kangoo Jumps I have prescribed KJ protocol starting at week 2, of no more than 5 minutes at a time or until patient experiences mild pain.
Week Three: Patient is using Kangoo Jumps for 10 minutes at a time with no pain and healing is progressing very well. Patient will proceed to running for 20 minutes at a time with Kangoo Jumps. No running without Kangoo Jumps.
Week Six: Patient is continuing the prescribed exercise protocol of 20 minutes at a time with very little discomfort. Patient is able to resume normal activities and will see me only if needed.

Initially, Dr. Leth wanted me to stay off my leg for 6 weeks following the surgery. Once he saw the Kangoo Jumps (I took them to his office), he allowed me to start running after only TWO WEEKS. I HAVE BEEN PRETTY WELL PAIN FREE. Just a slight bit of pain in the knee occasionally after 20 minutes of running.

I stop at that point and wait a few days before resuming. I find that I have very little endurance and the Kangoos do make it a bit harder since they weigh more than a shoe. That means that I get a much more aerobic workout with far less speed/distance/shock. It is great! All I have to do is slow down a little and run for the same amount of time that I used to and I still get the same workout I used to get. Far less risk of injury since I am running slower (fewer footfalls per minute) and far less shock.

I did some math. If I run 4 Km’s in 20 minutes normally (800 footfalls per kilometer) I land 3200 times. With Kangoos, I run at about 75% of my normal speed so I run 3 km’s in 20 minutes. That equates to 2400 footfalls. With the shock reduced to only 40% of the norm, in a 20 minute run with Kangoos, I receive only 30% of the normal amount of shock. (2400*0.4/3200=960/3200=.3 or 30%). This equates to far less risk of injury and a far faster recovery rate from the effort. The aerobic benefit is the same for less distance! I love it!
I am off to the seawall again this afternoon for another run. I get so many comments about the Kangoos. Everyone wants me to stop and talk about the Kangoos!

Thanks again for introducing me to the KJ’s.

Peter Buck

Patient Profile N°3

Week One: Patient had refused surgery for weight reduction. Refused to go to diabetic classes/Nutritional Counseling. Patient refused to exercise or develop a plan of action around a more active lifestyle. I asked him to find a new doctor as he was most likely to succumb to diabetes/heart failure at a very young age, without proper intervention.

Week Six: Patient is using Kangoo Jumps and has already lost 15 pounds. Will now go to Diabetes Class/Nutritional Counseling and continue the Kangoo Jumps exercise protocol.

Six Month Review: Patient has lost 65 pounds. He is following the diabetes program and is taking his medication. He has asked for the name of a personal trainer to continue his weight loss program with Kangoo Jumps. He stated he now feels “healthy” , he now a lady friend and is very happy.

I have lost over 65 pounds with the help of KJ’s. In case you have forgotten-I am the guy who weighed over 300 pounds and my Doctor had told me to find a new Doc as I was not paying any attention to his instructions around my diabetes, weight loss, potential heart and liver conditions, etc.

I use the KJ’s because they are fun-no one likes fun more than “I”!! On top of losing the weight-my whole life has turned around-I have a wonderful “lady” in my life-losing those first 65 pounds encouraged me to hire a personal trainer and change my eating habits, etc.

Of course, I can use my KJ’s when I work some shows, etc. I think everyone should have a pair of KJ’s-fit or not!

BOBBY LOONIE (Actor-Performer), Vancouver, BC, Canada

Patient Profile N°4

Week Three: Patient has lost 15 pounds, using Kangoo Jumps 3 times daily for 10 minutes at a time. Patient reports less pain. Unable to tolerate HRT and Osteo supplements due to gastro conditions.

Six Month Review: VGH Reports 3% increase in bone density, They re-read the test twice as before the KJ treatment, the bone density was continuing to deteriorate. Patient has lost a total of 35 pounds. Physiotherapist reports that patient now has full range of motion in her hip sockets and less compression in her lumber spinal region.

There was a time when I had to roll out of bed and crawl to the bathroom due to the pain in my back, hips and neck. I have osteoporosis and osteo-arthritis. When the Doctors told me “live with it-there is nothing we can do-you will need to find a way to stay in bed – just accept that!”
Needless to say that was not what I wanted to hear and furthermore, that is not how I wanted to live my life!

I started searching for medications, etc. from other countries-nothing was working. A friend of mine (who is now my partner) saw these funny things called Kangoo Jumps while he was on a business trip in California! He brought back a pair for himself and a pair for me. I took one look and asked him if he was trying to get rid of me! I thought, they were an accident waiting to happen and if I suffered one more broken bone (I already have bone fractures all up and down my spine!) I knew, indeed, that I would live out the life the Doctors described.
I talked with the medical people and the manufacturer who explained that they were originally used for rehabilitation! I told them that I was close to 60 – I now am over 60 (let’s not talk about age here-who counts the years, anyway!). I first started using them in between two chairs in my room-within two (2) weeks I was up and walking, running, and dancing! I have also rebuilt approximately 3% of my bone mass. Now this does not sound like much; however, before the use of Kangoo Jumps, my bone mass was declining to the point of dust!

The other issue is I have lost so many dress sizes-the Kangoo Jumps really slim you right down! I also have become quite addicted to my Kangoo Jumps-I wear them everywhere-shopping, cleaning the house, dancing, etc. (no driving!)
Alice Pauline – Vancouver, BC, Canada



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