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Imagine yourself holding a balloon filled with water while rebounding on your Kangoo Jumps. Can you visualize the longation-compression-elongation reactions of the balloon? Each cell in your body is similar to a small balloon filled with a liquid, called cytoplasm. Rebounding puts all your cells gently under stress, reinforcing and revitalizing them. It's like getting each one of your cells to do pushups. Thus you reinforce simultaneously the sixty trillion cells of your body, all your organs and all your muscles.

Scientific studies, made by NASA, show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective and pleasant exercise ever devised.

On the other hand, most of us are unaware that our body contains four times more lymph than blood. The lymphatic system has no heart like pump but only relies on your body's movements associated with gravitational forces for lymph circulation. Kangoo Jumps maximize this process, with each bounce.

The good news is that you don't need to make strenuous exercise to achieve astonishing results. A few minutes a day, at your own personal pace of comfort, will do. And you will enjoy it: Kangoo Jumps provide so much fun!

A Home Fitness and Weight Loss video as well as music CD with appropriate rhythms (BPM) are available to stimulate you to achieve your goals.

What cell training with Kangoo Jumps can do for you:
- Develops all your muscles, shaping your body naturally
- Reduces your excess fat / weight rapidly and safely
- Prevents cardiovascular problems
- Reverses or slows the aging process (for instance: firms your skin,   maintains or restores your bone and muscle mass)
- Prevents or corrects many health problems
- Induces euphoria (thus fights depression) and reduces mental stress
- Revitalizes your vision (program available)
- Maximizes your vitality
- Stimulates your lymphatic system thus:

cleans your cells, eliminating the damaging toxins
reinforces your immune system
balances your metabolism

Are Kangoo Jumps the only means of rebound Exercise?
You could also use a trampoline; however the trampoline is stationary. Kangoo Jumps are a revolutionary concept that allow total freedom of movement.

For information on more benefits of rebound exercise, refer to the following books:
- Jumping For Health, from Dr Morton Walker (Avery Publishing Grp, N.Y.)
- The Miracles of Rebound Exercise, from Albert Carter (A.L.M. Publishers)


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