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The very latest generation of Kangoo Jumps, featuring a Soft Boot and the new XR-3 IPS spring! This is a unisex model, everyone can use, whatever your weight (min weight 70 lbs - 32 Kg).
It is also suitable for teens.


The new “Soft Boot” generation
- top comfort even for wide feet
- incorporates ALL features of the patented KJ support plate
- effective ventilations (sole & side)
- easy speed closing for top comfort fitting: includes laces with puller, 1 Velcro band, a 2 ways buckle for fine fitting adjustment
- comfortable ankle support
- reflective logo for night runners
- loops at center back for easy pull and transport with KJcarryBelt

The latest XR generation of IPS spring
The revolutionary Tension-Spring TS6 with:
- 4 TwinTurbos (instead of 2) for increased comfort, rebound & stability
- a double way safety system (SRS), in conjunction with the shell 6
- 3 sets of holes which will allow you to customize your Kangoo Jumps by adding steel coil springs, to increase the resistance of your IPS and / or experience a different ride feeling! To add coil springs you will need to either cut the central band of your TS6 or the 2 external bands, to replace them with one or 2 sets of coil springs.

The new KJ Shell 6 (=arch shaped component) which offers:
- the double way safety system SRS (in conjunction with TS6) with a locking position for extreme uses.
- new design that provides more rebound and reduces the wear of the T-Spring
- an increased product life span

The new KJ sole 6: more shock absorbing / silent, lighter weigh, sleek design in gray color.

Sizing & Fitting
Kangoo Jumps are unisex. They are very comfortable and the sizes quite flexible. They fit even a wide foot.
KJarmstrong are marked with Men's sizes on the tongue. They are only available in full sizes. If you normally wear a shoe size 7 ½ for instance, order the size above, that is 8.

In the worst case, should the ordered size not fit you, do not worry: we offer an excellent customer service and will fix the problem to your satisfaction.



The patented IPS provides the spring effect. It protects your joints by reducing the Impact by up to 80%.

Innovative SRS double way safety system, with a locking position for extreme uses.

The T-Springs are designed for adding optional Steel Coil Springs.
Such Coil Springs provide a more dynamic spring effect and allow you to increase / decrease the spring compression resistance at will (by adding / removing a coil spring).

The T-Springs can be adapted to the weight of the user, when a softer compression resistance is preferred.
- 3 way adjustable T-Spring
- 3 bands (all bands intact)
- 2 bands (remove the center band)
- 1 band (remove two outer bands)

All Kangoo Jumps model feature well ventilated boots, for top comfort

See accessories for KJ ARMSTRONG XR


See accessories for KJ ARMSTRONG XR

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