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Fun Fitness, Rehabilitation, Spinal Health

By: David B. Love, D.C.
Santa Cruz Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Clinic
1220 Forty-first Street * Suite I Capitola, California 95010

We, since the inception of the chiropractic profession, have been the leaders in understanding how structure and function affect human health. Furthermore, we have taken on the responsibility, through professional services, to share this knowledge and resulting benefits with the general public.

With the spine being the primary focus of chiropractic, we are continually searching for cutting edge methods and techniques that will provide maximum rehabilitation and functional maintenance of the vertebral structures and, thus, the nervous system. As never before in the history of health care, people are looking for natural solutions for health restoration and the prevention of disease. Chiropractic is, and should be, the logical profession to lead the way in 21st century national health care.

Spinal exercise has always been the cornerstone of chiropractic-based rehabilitation programs. Within the exercise regimen, the benefits of rehab should include spinal strengthening, optimum postural positioning of the spinal curves, balance, coordination, flexibility, and intervertebral disc health through spinal pumping, or imbibition, with the minimal possible impact shock.

While no single exercise provides all of the needed benefits necessary to maintain a healthy spine, there is a new and exciting application of an exercise system that provides most of the essential elements necessary to develop and maintain a healthy functional spine ? Kangoo Jumps, Rebound Exercise Shoes.

Kangoo Jumps are Swiss engineered and have become very popular overseas since their launch at the Paris Sports Fair in 1994. Although Europeans are mainly using them for strength and conditioning training, one of the original intentions of the product design was the safe rehabilitation of sports related injuries. Kangoo Jumps reduce impact shock up to 60% allowing training to begin sooner than usual after an injury. Currently, several NFL football players are using the commercial model for rehabilitation and others are using them for strength and conditioning. Kangoo Jumps can be used indoors or outdoors, on almost any surface, including wood floors, tile, carpeting, paved roads, sidewalks, dirt paths, and at the beach.

For many years the concept of Rebound Exercise has been incorporated in the chiropractic rehabilitation and health maintenance model. Thousands of chiropractors have been introduced to the concept and benefits of rebound exercise through the mini-trampoline. ?The Miracles of Rebound Exercise? by Albert Carter has sold millions of copies since its first publishing in 1974. The chiropractic profession has embraced the rebound exercise principal due to the tremendous benefits to the spine, the nervous system, as well as the lymphatic and circulatory systems. In fact, rebounding provides an incredible improvement to overall cellular health, and thus, an increased immune function.

Until recently, the primary apparatus for rebounding has been either the backyard trampoline or the mini-trampoline, known as the rebounder, which has been the most accepted model. Unfortunately, the large trampoline has been the source of numerous spinal injuries due to improper use. The main drawback of the mini-trampoline has been the limitation of mobility. Like the stationary bicycle or Stairmaster device, it often becomes monotonous.

Kangoo Jumps provide an innovative, safe, and effective system of rebound exercise, capturing all of the health benefits associated with the mini-trampoline, but they also provide versatility, mobility, and the ?fun factor?. Having a program that is interesting, effective and fun is essential for long-term exercise follow through and compliance to a prescribed program. Noticeable benefits are provided in relatively short sessions, often ten minutes or less.

The minimization of impact to the feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, and spine make Kangoo Jumps the ideal conditioning and rehabilitation exercise for recovering from an extremity or spinal injury or enhancing the overall health of the body and musculoskeletal system.

In Canada, National Hockey League players are also enjoying the benefits of Kangoo Jumps in their regime. Dusane Benicky, program director for the Human Performance Center, a conditioning and training clinic, is quite familiar with the product from his work in Europe with the national Slavic hockey team. He incorporates Kangoo Jumps into his training sessions with current NHL players as well. He also recommends them for improving plyometrics necessary for sports such as basketball, hockey, and soccer, which require quick and powerful reactions.

?It?s also great for proprioceptive movement where muscles, joints, and sensory systems work together" he says, adding, ?This type of activity helps heal injuries. I?ve been using this idea for many years in training and rehabilitation. It harmonizes the muscles and the central nervous system.?

1. Minimum joint impact.
2. The benefits of positive and negative G forces on the muscular and     lymphatic systems. NASA conducted a study relating to     musculoskeletal strengthening.
3. Spinal imbibition/disc nutrition.
4. Mechanoreception/proprioception/balance.
5. Maximum oxygen utilization for aerobic conditioning.
6. Proper posture promotion.
7. Weight loss/maintaining or obtaining a lean body mass.
8. Increased bone density of weightbearing skeletal structures.

Running has always been considered the ?gold standard? of aerobics. There are many chiropractic patients that utilize jogging or running as their primary aerobic exercise of choice. As we are all aware, the physical limitations of running are many. Besides the obvious detriment of joint impact, which includes trauma to structures of the feet and often accentuates pronation, supination, and a dropped arch, which is the most common cause of shin splints. Repetitive pounding from running is also contraindicated for the recovery of inversion sprains, knee and hip injuries, as well as chronic disc and degenerative spinal conditions. Jogging can also result in poor posture habits that are commonly observed in runners.

Kangoo Jumps, due to the inherent nature of their design, encourage proper posture in order to maintain balance and coordination while performing aerobic exercises or running. The balance involved while using Kangoo Jumps, which is very safe and easily mastered, stimulates the spinal and extremity joint mechanoreceptors which are essential for proper balance and proprioceptive skills. Pronation and supination are greatly reduced due to the fact that foot placement is dynamically influenced by balance which forces the patient into a conscious gait pattern.

Rebounding with Kangoo Jumps has a positive influence on spinal and intervertebral disc health by providing maximum spinal imbibition. This, of course, is essential for the proper transfer of nutrients into the disc and the removal of metabolic waste products out of the disc, thereby maintaining and restoring intervertebral health and function.

Due to the fact that rebounding produces positive and negative gravitational forces on the musculoskeletal system, this form of exercise also enhances overall muscular tone in both the upper and lower extremities while performing rebounding exercises. The muscular system must resist the negative G aspect of the exercise, which causes increased contractions and, therefore, increased toning. Traditionally, aerobic exercise often has been associated with upper extremity muscle atrophy due to the fact that there is minimal, or no, muscular activity stressing the upper body. Kangoo Jumps maximize muscular contraction due to the positive and negative gravitational forces that are optimized while performing various routines in rebound exercise shoes.

Rebounding also stimulates osteoblastic bone rebuilding activity in the vertebral bodies and weightbearing bony structures of the pelvis and lower extremities which is essential in the prevention of osteoporosis, especially in women.

Kangoo Jumps will provide your patients with a cutting edge comprehensive conditioning and rehabilitation system that is safe and effective, easy and fun to implement, and supports the chiropractic model of health and wellness. Positioning your practice with the Kangoo Jump System will certainly result in superior clinical results and bring a greater exposure of your services to your community through the efforts of enthusiastic patients who will continue to generate ongoing referrals for your practice.

David B. Love, D.C


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