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Gold Coast Personal Trainers Report

Running is a very beneficial form of cardio-vascular exercise and is very effective in weight control for the athlete and the general population. Unfortunately there are various limitations with running in respect to its appeal to the majority of the population. Due to the high impact forces that are placed on the body in the act of running, the body experiences in undesirable stressful "thumping" sensation which diminishes the enjoyment of the activity. The accumulation of these stresses over time in many cases leads to joint injury either in lower back, knee or ankle thus making running virtually impossible. This in turn eliminates one of the most effective activities for increasing fitness and fat loss.

The above problems are the major limitations that I, as a personal trainer have to combat with many of my clients. The vast majority of my clientele are physically not capable of running due to joint pain or do not enjoy running due to the traumatic impact forces experienced by the body during running. I have had to consistently look for alternative activities that are not only effective at increasing fitness and decreasing percentage bodyfat but are also not stressful on the body and are enjoyable. Kangoo Jumps provided me as a professional trainer with such an alternative. Kangoo Jumps are an effective form of exercise for increasing cardio-vascular fitness and decreasing bodyfat levels whilst eliminating the "thumping" sensation experience by the body during running. Not only are the Kangoo Jumps effective at achieving the desired physiological changes, but they are also very enjoyable to train in, which increases the chances of the client maintaining their exercise regime over long period of time, which is important in achieving longer term training goals.

I have trailed the Kangoo Jumps on various subjects ranging from elite athletes to the general public and found them to be a very effective training method, a good form of cross training and an essential training tool during the rehabilitation of an injured athlete or person. Clients or athletes that have found it hard to maintain their fitness and bodyfat levels during times of injury can now run during their rehabilitation without the risk of further injury. Running in the Kangoo Jumps has actually aided in the recovery from injury for many clients and has gained the support of a number of leading physiotherapists on the Gold Coast.

One such example is client of mine who is an ex marathon runner. She has been unable to run for two and a half years due to a knee injury that required surgery. This problem was compounded by another injury to her ankle which even stopped her from power walking. The first time she trained in the Kangoo Jumps she ran for forty minutes experiencing no pain or joint discomfort. She was amazed that she could actually run pain free again and said that she felt no impact at all but still achieved a good workout. Many have explained it as running on air or on a moving trampoline except that it provides a much better workout, especially in the legs due to the weight of the boots. Kangoo Jumps provide an excellent alternative to running that can be utilised by everyone who are either incapable of running due to injury or do not enjoy running due to the "thumping" sensation that the body experiences. I have use the Kangoo Jumps with much success in respect to fitness gains, weight loss and rehabilitation with many of my clientele and will continue to use them as an safe enjoyable training alternative.

Kerry McEvoy MHMS, BA(HMS), CSCS
Director "Sports Elite" & "Gold Coast Personal Trainers"


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