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I just jumped for about 2 hours (my usual time) and I cannot believe the difference with these boots compared to any of the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are absolutely the best boots!!! Those TS-5 springs are incredible!!!! The first 2 times I used them...I have to admit...I did pant quite a bit...(pant...pant!)....but now..whoa!!There is no way I can use the other springs at all!!!! You were right about them for me and to send them to me!! They work great! I can jump harder....more solid and have no fear that they will break! Plus...now that I have the right type of inner piece...my orthotic that is specifically made for me..I have no pain....blisters or any problem! I only wish that I had thought about using these awhile back....but...then again...I would not have these new boots with the support plate....they just add so much!!!

Let's see...I bought my first pair in August, 1998!!!!!
Imagine that....almost 10 years...are there many of your customers who have had them a long time too??
Look where we are.....Jan, 2006!!!!! I'll be 55 and going strong!!!! And...I how to keep on for another 10!!!!!!!!!!

So...thank you....thank you...thank you!!!!!!! You're the best!

Debbie Sugarman USA
January 1st 2006

As an ex-certified couch potatoe - I have enjoyed five and a half years of totally injury free, safe and healthy exercise, running regularly, and attending classes throughout the southwestern Candian seasons from late August through June in almost any weather or lack of light.
I own three different models of Kangoo Jumps and would even trade in a single KJ-4 'T' Spring for a Big Screen Plasma TV.
Thanks for the opportunity to share a little.

Doug Hetherington (Canada)
28th August 2005

Love them! The only exercise I have ever done that I enjoyed, so I DO it! I normally hate exercise!!

Linda Lashley USA
28th April 2005

Hi Denis,

Thank you for responding to my new order so quickly.
I am simply addicted to my new Kangoo Jumps! I now not only enjoy, but look forward to going out to exercise.
I hate that word, exercise, it conjures up images of gyms and pounding the streets in the rain!
I believe that to get moving it has to be fun. Not a problem with my Jumps, so much so that my sister Lucy was desperate to get jumping too!
I'm still working on Mum who is insistant that she is too old (shes only 47) so you might hear from me again yet?!
Many Thanks again,

Nicole Wiseman(UK)
17th June 2006

Hi Jason,
I just wanted to e.mail you to say I was at the keep-fit weekend at Butlins in Bognor and had a fantastic time, but my favourite class had to be Kangoo.
I have come away totally inspired and have been telling everybody how good the classes are. Even the gym manager at Esporta, in Romford where I train
wants some information (so just as well I picked up some leaflets).
I did'nt invest in a pair of kangoos at the weekend even though I wish I had, but my birthday is in Feb and I have given my husband enough hints that I would like a pair, which I assume I can order through you?
As I said I am totally hooked!

Thanks again for been a great insturctor and making it a fun class, after all keeping fit is supposed to be fun!
I look foward to hearing from you

Janet Langenhan
(kangoo fan)

I went for a run on my jumps on the most beautiful mountain trail along the Hudson river. I WAS only going to go for an hour, but it was a new trail and so spectacular (3- 400 foot vertical shear cliffs on my left and the river on the right - trees turning fall colors etc.) I just kept going and going - I wound up doing 10 miles in about 2:20 (including @ 4 minute change of a broken shell) -

I LOVE MY KANGOO'S! and they are creating for me such TOTAL body health/fitness! At 60 I can play high level singles tennis for 6 hours not stop and do it again the next day and then do the 2:20 mountain run - that was my weekend!!! = Its actually thrilling.

Many thanks to you and Dennis -





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