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Lymphederma treatment with Kangoo Jumps

Women's Day
After 7 years of not being able to walk too far, jog or run, Jessica Keating is walking and jogging again

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My legs just keeps on Swelling - Jessica Keating
Published in Women's Day 10th June issue of Health Check

Maree O'Connor referred Jessica Keating to Surfcoast Spa from the Lymphedema Association of Australia.

At the age of 19 Jessica Keating, a former model, was diagnosed with lymphedema a condition caused by an inadequate or damaged lymphatic system which cannot properly process lymph, a fluid that is naturally excreted and recycled by lymph glands to cleanse the body tissue.

For the past 7 years Jessica has not been able to walk too far, run or jog because of her condition.

More than 300,000 Australia's and over 30,000 Victorians suffer from Lymphedema.

What is Lymphedema?
Normally, lymphatic fluid constantly bathes the tissues of the body to nourish and cleanse them. The fluid then is channelled through the lymphatic system's small vessels back to the bloodstream, passing through the lymph nodes, which act as filters to remove foreign particles, such as cancer cells or bacteria. The lymph nodes are small 'filters' and 'warehouses' within the lymphatic tree for dealing with foreign substances or infective agents found in the lymphatic fluid. So, the lymphatic system is part of the body?s defence system against infection.
If the lymphatic vessels are blocked, fluid gathers in nearby tissues and causes swelling called edema. Unlike the blood system, lymph has no pump. The flow of lymph is caused by pressure from muscular movement. Valves in the larger lymphatic vessels prevent the lymph from flowing backwards, and so the flow is always towards those points in the upper chest where the lymph is reintroduced into the blood flow.

Primary Lymphedema occurs in patients who are either born with the condition or develop it later in life. Secondary Lymphedema is a response to damage to the lymphatic system through accidents or surgery.

Surfcoast Spa Program
Jessica Keating's program consisted of: reduction of starch foods and maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet, drinking water and eating fruit regularly and correctively, juice fasting, colonic irrigation, daily intake of cleansing or herbal tea, gentle exercising, jogging with Kangoo Jumps, weekly massages, 6 low level laser therapy sessions, anti-fluid leg wrap, deep breathing exercises and external body exfoliation

- Jessica for the first time is jogging for 20 minutes 3 days a week   without pain.
- Swelling of her left leg has been reduced
- Decrease in body fat and weight loss
- Increase in energy level
- Overall increase in fitness and body toning
- Improved skin clarity and rejuvenation


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