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People ask me about the Kangoo Jumps all the time and have inquired over the years as to how to sell them!- they enable me to walk without pain (I have 5 herniated disks in my back and neck and bad knees).
It has been more than 7 years ago that I bought a pair of Kangoo Jumps for myself and my daughter at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. The kiosk is LONG gone, my daughter has outgrown her's, I still wear them regularly. and people stop me all the time!

Many thanks!

Carole Sussman, Ph.D.
Associate Director, C.O.O.
Physician Assessment and Clinical Education Program (PACE)

I am absolutely hooked on the kangoos and I would not contemplate running in anything else. I have no background in fitness; I am an ordinary relatively fit person, but I have never liked jogging because of the bad effect it had on my neck and lower back.
Years ago I purchased a rebounder but found jumping on the spot rather tedious. When I came across the kangoos
I thought I found the perfect tool to get fitter without being bored: I could rebound and at the same time be outside in the park and on the move!
I have been using them only for a couple of months and I am enjoying them so much that the benefits I get out of them are outweighing the initial embarrassment of seemingly being the only one in them! (Although yesterday I was at a party and somebody told me there is another girl jumping in the Clapham area!)
The last couple of times I used them, I ran 10 km which for a new runner like me is a great achievement.
In fact I am thinking of running the marathon next year, as you gather the kangoos are sold to me!
Martina Foss UK
17th August 2005

Hi Jason,
I was probably the last person to buy a pair of boots from you on Sunday at fit camp. Yes, that?s me the one with the dodgy ankle.
I was diagnosed with arthritis in the left ankle about 10 years ago and the joint is slowly eroding. As the shin bone compacts down on to the ankle I?m sure you can appreciate that the pain from exercise is getting slowly worse. Like most men with an injury I haven?t taken the medical advice to stop all impact exercising (that would be dull) but continued to exercise at a lower level. I still run occasionally and teach aerobics (the class have to work and I do low impact!) but in the last year my ankle has been far less tolerant.
When I read about your boots before going to Fit Camp I was sceptical but after running in them on Saturday for 40 minutes with no pain (cannot remember the last time I did that) I was jubilant. I did your TTR session on Sunday and again no pain.
I?ve just used them on my treadmill and again no problems even better some friends and family have given me the money to pay for them as a birthday present.
Brilliant product! I hope they make you very rich.
If you want to use this as a reference or give my e-mail address out to people who want proof of how good they are then feel free.
Many many thanks.

Paul Housego (UK)

My name is Trish Scott. I am a distributor of Kangoo Jumps and located in Langley, (Vancouver) British Columbia,Canada.

I too have rehabilitated on the Kangoo Jumps. I was down to 20% function in my hip after years of running and teaching fitness classes. Within a very few weeks on the Kangoo Jumps I was back to 90% function. That was 2+ years ago. I continue to run daily (pain free).

With my client referrals (from practitioners) I have had great success with people recovering from various back and joint ailments as well as people with previous ACL surgeries who are able to run again for the first time. I even sold a pair to a fellow with a prosthesis a few years ago at a wellness clinic. He was able to run for the first time.

My observations with my participants in my run clinics have been really exciting as well. I have observed running postures improve, pronation and supinations start to correct, etc.

Kind regards,

Trish Scott, President
Incrediball Enterprises Ltd.

Certified Personal Trainer (1983)
FitBall Master Trainer/Educator
Kangoo Jump Master Trainer/Educator

(604) 532-8191 1-877-348-2255

Hi Sue,

I forgot to tell you and Denis my greatest testimony.

Prior to using the KJ's, I had injuries in my right knee and hip, which prevented me from running. In addition, I have a herniated disc in my lower back which causes Sciatica in the nerve running down the back of my leg. I was unable to jog or run without pain in the knee and hip, so I ceased from running for about two years. Since purchasing and using the KJ's, I no longer have any pain in my knee or hip, and the disc in my lower back no longer causes any problems. Mind you, that I run everyday outdoors for an hour at an aerobic pace of 140-150 BPM. I can only contribute this rehabilitation to the KJ's, which I believe have strengthened the muscles, joints, and ligaments in these areas. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results, and happy that I can once again enjoy running pain free!

Dr. Dan U.S.A.
October 2006

have a prolapsed disk in my L45 region of my back. The only way I jog is in KJs, and I love them!

Eugene Morrow AU
11th October 2005

Where did you first see Kangoo Jumps?: This website- recommended by an orthopedic surgeon

Remarks: I have had my K-Jumps for six months now and I love them! They have allowed me to run again after eight years of knee problems, frustration and even depression.
Many people ask me about them and are impressed. I will keep recommending K-Jumps to them!

Steven Snow USA
9th August 2005

I have kangoojumps and now I am in online business. We sell medical supplies and medical equipment and I would like to put your banner on our website because I think your product is great.
I had a car accident 6 month ago and now I can only run with kangoojumps and they are great.

Thank you.

Val Karakess USA
Sept 2005

Got my Kangoos today and despite the British weather (lots of rain) I decided to brave it out and give them a go. Being 6ft 3" without the shoes I feel like a giant in them but they were superb, and a quick go round the block soon turned into a 7 mile run.

I didn't have the knee support on that I usually wear with my other running shoes and I didn't have the slightest twinge what so ever on my bad knee.

I think I am probably the only person with a pair around here as boy did everyone stare and look at them as I was running. No end of kids / teenagers I passed asked me where I got them from and commented, "They are mint".

I can't wait to go running in them again. :

Elvis Payne UK
March 2006

Where did you first see Kangoo Jumps?: Therapist recommendation
Remarks: One 5 min session made me happy for 2 days!

Lynda Penton UK
21st April 2006


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