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Running Again!

After breaking my knee, I was told I had to stop running forever. Kangoo Jumps have allowed me to continue running. I would be happy to do anything to help you improve your product, they are an absolute must for me!

Like I said Kangoo Jumps have meant the difference between being able to continue a life time of running and never running again. I would be honored if you use my testimonial. Please let me know if you need more info on what happened.

I am a city manager. I manage the City of Angels Camp, Calaveras County, California. In addition, I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. Last year I completed a two year assignment as a battalion commander. Kangoo Jumps helped me train for the Army Physical Readiness Test where I surpassed the maximum score and set the record for my unit. Believe me that was no easy task for a 44 year old man, and given my knee injury, it would have been impossible without the Kangoo Jumps.

Tim Shearer USA
April 2006

Got my Kangoos today and despite the British weather (lots of rain) I decided to brave it out and give them a go. Being 6ft 3" without the shoes I feel like a giant in them but they were superb, and a quick go round the block soon turned into a 7 mile run.

I didn't have the knee support on that I usually wear with my other running shoes and I didn't have the slightest twinge what so ever on my bad knee.

I think I am probably the only person with a pair around here as boy did everyone stare and look at them as I was running. No end of kids / teenagers I passed asked me where I got them from and commented, "They are mint".

I can't wait to go running in them again. :

Elvis Payne UK
March 2006

Hi Jason,
I was probably the last person to buy a pair of boots from you on Sunday at fit camp. Yes, that's me the one with the dodgy ankle.
I was diagnosed with arthritis in the left ankle about 10 years ago and the joint is slowly eroding. As the shin bone compacts down on to the ankle I'm sure you can appreciate that the pain from exercise is getting slowly worse. Like most men with an injury I haven't taken the medical advice to stop all impact exercising (that would be dull) but continued to exercise at a lower level. I still run occasionally and teach aerobics (the class have to work and I do low impact!) but in the last year my ankle has been far less tolerant.

When I read about your boots before going to Fit Camp I was sceptical but after running in them on Saturday for 40 minutes with no pain (cannot remember the last time I did that) I was jubilant. I did your TTR session on Sunday and again no pain.

I've just used them on my treadmill and again no problems even better some friends and family have given me the money to pay for them as a birthday present.

Brilliant product! I hope they make you very rich.
If you want to use this as a reference or give my e-mail address out to people who want proof of how good they are then feel free.
Many many thanks.
Paul Housego (UK)

Paul Housego UK
March 2006

Sue -

You ask how we are progressing. Better than I expected, actually. I use a Polar heart rate monitor/wristwatch and have done so for years. I train by it and always keep track of things like heart rate, oxygen intake, calorie burn, etc. Since using the boots, my oxygen intake and heart rates have improved considerably. I am getting a much better cardio workout with the boots than without them, and that is, in turn, improving my time and endurance when I run without the boots. For example, on a typical 6 mile run without the boots, I was burning an average of 675-715 calories. With the boots, I am burning 825+ for the same distance on the same course. After training a week straight with the boots, my average heart rate during a timed run without the boots has dropped by as much as 5 - 7 bpm, which translates into a longer and faster run. Pretty cool. Mary's results are similar.

We're taking the boots to Mary's Spin class tonight because several of her students have asked to see them. Last week we let a marathoner try them. He laughed when he first saw them. After using them for about 5 minutes, he was hooked and no longer laughing.

Jason Read, USA
June 2007

I recieved my Kangoo Jumps for Mother's Day 2005. I am aged 58.
In under a month I am up to 30 minutes of running. I could not get past 2-3 minutes jogging in runners.

Alice Samko USA


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