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"I hadn't been able to jog or attend aerobic classes for years due to my knee surgery and excess weight. I?ve lost over 35 pounds in the past five months and it really feels great to be able to exercise again and to have so much fun at the same time."
Lynn Lawrence - Psychologist

Hi Sue - I'm enjoying the Kangoo Jumps so much !! It has really changed my life.
So far I've lost 30 pounds - I have 10 to go.....my legs and stomach is toning so much - it's amazing - with that said - I did change the way I eat - but I exercise 6 days a week - where I barely could make two days because of my knees - If you have stickers for the Kangoos Jumps for cars I would love to put it on my car - When I believe in something like this and it changes my life - I would be happy to advertise for you!!

Yours Truly!!
Anna Rodriguez

Since March 2005, I used Kangoo Jumps boots and I lost more than 15 pounds.
I own all of your kangoo jumps DVDs. I have "Urban Rebounding" DVDs and I used the boots instead of rebounder trampoline. I felt more comfortable to wear boots than rebounder trampoline while I exercised. Thank you.


Julie Freitas USA
1st July 2005

I have lost 25 pounds since mid Jan by jumping for 1-1-1/2 hours every day. I feel so much better, my aerobic capacity is incredible and I have natural energy both from the exercise and the weight loss. Even my dog runs right alongside me. I never knew fat hurt so much. By July I am going for a total of 50 pounds gone. With the KJs I know I will make it!

This was taken 3 days ago. You don't even want to SEE the BEFORE photo! lol.

Absolutely, feel free to use my story (or any quotes from me) on your website. I will be putting it on my site as well (www.HanaiMusic.com) ...I have a fairly high profile since I travel all over the country selling my original relaxation music and I love sharing about my 'jumpers' with everybody who notices them. I always take my KJs with me on the road because they're so easy to use when I travel and they help to keep me active even on long trips. Use the photo too, or any others on my web site!

Now that I see people will get a discount, I will print up more of my little "KJ Business Cards" and encourage even more people to invest in themselves. I'm a natural sales rep for things I really believe in. And next to my music, (which also has huge health benefits) KangooJumps are the most fun and valuable assets I have.

And I really appreciate talking with you v email. Having direct communication available to a customer speaks very highly of your company.
Take Care, Sue.

Hanai (Kris Lee-Scott)


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