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    Kick It! With this amazing program from Kangoo.


This is martial arts style workout, using Blocks, Kicks & Puches from various styles, including Kick Boxing & Karate

With this great Stress Buster you will challenge your whole body.

We incorporate blocks, kicks and punches in a fun and energetic way that will leave you waiting in anticipation for your next Kangoo Kick workout.

Participating in this program, is a great way of turning stress into positive energy.

As with all Programs we recommend that you work at a comfortable, but challenging level, this allows people of all ages, size and ability to participate.

Sportive people can use this program to push their boundaries and challenge their endurance and skill.

When you participate in the Kangoo Kick program you will benefit from:Increased strength and developed muscle tone, it will also help to correct your posture and enhance your balance.

Kangoo Kick is a complete workout for body and mind!

You will burn twice as many calories using this program, compared to most other fitness workouts.

This program can be performed on virtually any surface including:Wooden floors, Carpet and Concrete, when you have learned the routines you can even take it outside.

Don?t Forget?.30 minutes on your kangoo jumps is the equivalent of one hour in your Normal training shoes.


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