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Train smarter

Same biomechanics as running in runners, harder workout, lower risk of injury.

16% increased oxygen uptake @ 8km/hr.
Relative to running shoes, KJ's increase oxygen uptake 16% at 8km/hr., 11% at 10km/hr., 6% at 12km/hr.

Up to 80% less impact
Up to 80% less impact to feet, ankles, knees, hips
and lower back.

Maximize your performance
Higher oxygen uptake compared to over using conventional running shoes and reduced risk of injury due to less impact allows you to train harder, recover faster, with less injury related setbacks.

"As a tri-athlete, and runner, I developed an over use knee injury sidelining me from training and competition. I tried running again several times per year, but my knee injury would flare up and the pain would return after only two or three kilometres.

The first time I tried running in KJ's,
I was amazed that I didn't feel any knee pain. I'm now able to run again, pain free.

I have now split my workouts with KJ's (60%)and running shoes (40%) and am feeling stronger than ever. I highly recommend using KJ's to build endurance and speed with amazing recovery time and way less abuse on your body."

Brian Lang is a tri-athlete and runner who ran competitively for 7 years. He uses KJ's now for the high oxygen uptake, low impact training, but enjoys them for getting him out of his aqua jogger and back on the road again.



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